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Lord Meher

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One day, when he was fairly aged, he asked me to accompany him to Arangaon Village to have a look at my father's property. At that time we had heard about Meher Baba but not much. Cars in those days were rare, but I hired a horse carriage and we went the six miles to Arangaon. The saint got down exactly at that well, and he said, "This place is going to be blessed by the presence of a really big man." He didn't mention Baba by name. The saint continued, "This is a very important place, and when I die you should tell your father that I should be buried here." He indicated the place where his tomb now stands.

Thereafter, the saint never expressed a desire to me to take Baba's darshan, though the saint knew that Baba had come into our lives. Baba did say that Gilori Shah was a real saint of the fifth plane of consciousness, who later progressed to the sixth plane. But Baba cautioned me not to go see the saint, though he had assured me that the saint's consciousness was that high.

One day the saint came to the gate of Khushru Quarters and stood there waiting for me to come to greet him. At this very time, Baba was staying at Khushru Quarters, with the entire mandali. The saint was looking at me from that distance, and I was very attracted to go to see him. Baba was standing right opposite to me, and he said, "No, you should not go, you must not go."

I obeyed and Baba said, "You go inside and he will go away."

The saint waited for a while and seeing no response from me he walked away. 

On 30 April 1923, Baba took a long hike with the mandali to a place called Happy Valley, situated fourteen miles to the north of Ahmednagar. Once a forest area, legend has it that during Lord Ram's wanderings in exile, he, Sita and Laxman had stayed at Happy Valley for some time. The legend says that Sita was either thirsty or wanted to bathe but there was no water nearby, so Ram shot an arrow into the rocks and a stream of water began to pour out.

Baba stayed in the dak bungalow — a government rest house — for three days. Since some of the wedding guests had accompanied them, the food being sent from Ahmednagar was not sufficient and extra vegetables and chapatis had to be prepared.

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