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Gulmai's Irani in-laws, who stayed in the large compound of Khushru Quarters, constantly ridiculed Gulmai's devotion to Meher Baba. But Baba kept Gulmai and her family under the protective shelter of his nazar. He had revealed his divinity to them to such a profound extent that, despite severe opposition against him, they would always remain at his feet — obedient to him no matter what. Due to her relatives' disbelief and opposition, Gulmai underwent terrible mental suffering; but she remained steadfast to Meher Baba's divine love and did not argue with them.

For several days, Baba and the men walked through the nearby predominantly Muslim locality of Ahmednagar, exploring the area.  Also during his stay at Khushru Quarters, Baba remained secluded in one room for seven days partially fasting. Gustadji and Adi (who slept at Sarosh Manzil and came to Khushru Quarters in the morning) attended to his personal needs, and Gulmai prepared curry with curd (yogurt) for him. Baba instructed Gulmai to keep an oil lamp burning day and night in the nearby room designated as Upasni Maharaj's.

One day Adi told his mother that Baba appeared pale and she thought it was due to the fasting. Soon after, the Master called her and said, "I have not become weak; I do not feel any weakness. I am as strong as ever." He added, "I had gone to attend a meeting."

Gulmai wanted an explanation, but Baba only remarked, "It was a meeting of the Perfect Ones." Baba then began to sing to her, "Sabir tiri Kalyarki nagariyan !" — O Sabir, your city of Kalyar is holy! 

Baba then told Gulmai to use the room in which he had sat in seclusion for herself.

One day the local Muslim saint Gilori Shah, whom Gulmai had told Baba about, appeared at the gate of Khushru Quarters. Adi saw him, but Baba told him to go inside and not approach the saint.

Adi related a bit more about the saint's background:

Before Baba came into our life, my mother, my brother Rustom and I used to go to this saint, and my father also knew him. The saint, when he was in the "practical life" had lived in England for a time, where he had been employed as a cook for Queen Victoria. He knew how to prepare English-style cooking, Indian cooking and also about wines, syrups, sherbet, and other things. He knew so many types of Indian medicines. 

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