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40721956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

It was then 3:45 P.M. and Baba told him to find the bus, and inform the others. Lud wondered how he would do both — find the bus and return to the hotel by four. The bus was nowhere in sight. But at last he found it and drove back to the hotel at breakneck speed, reaching it by four o'clock.

When the group had returned, Baba again called them into his room. He looked grave. It turned out that in all the hurry to leave Coit Tower, Sparkie Lukes and little Tara Frey, who had been going up the tower, had been left behind.

Fred Frey, an interior decorator by profession, had spent hours the day before in beautifying a conference room with plants. Someone had put them all in the refrigerator, thinking to preserve them, but it ruined them. So Fred had to go all the way back home and bring more. After returning, Baba asked him to lead the way to the room, and Fred could not find it.

"Fred has now become one of my mad disciples!" Baba teased. In the room the group was seated before Baba, who lay on a chaise lounge, backed by a beautiful display of leaves and flowers. Baba continued, "When you go mad for me, really mad, not in the worldly sense, then you find me. Only those who go mad with love for me, find me."

They were to go see an Ice Capades show in the evening, and Baba added, "All must stay to the end of the show, even if I leave early."

That evening, they left for the Cow Palace, Baba bundled up against the fog with wool socks, a red wool jacket, white cotton trousers and a red paisley scarf. As they waited for the cars, he jokingly tried on Charmian's white fur toque (round hat). As soon as they arrived at the arena, Baba asked where Ruth White was. He had Kitty phone the hotel to locate her.

Baba did decide to leave early and was driven back by Lud, who was not feeling well. Baba told him to take two Anacin tablets, go right to bed, and in the morning call the doctor.

In his room, Baba lay down for the night. There was a television set in Baba's room, and Baba instructed Eruch, who was keeping nightwatch, that he could switch it on without the sound to pass the time.

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