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Lord Meher

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40711956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

He remarked to Ivy, "This is the way I work."

Then he told Lud Dimpfl, "Everywhere else, the arrangements were perfect. My requirements are simple — just two connecting rooms. But it isn't only the rooms, I just don't like this place. Therefore, I will leave San Francisco Sunday morning, two days early."

Lud, a native of the area, was crushed. Baba had instructed him in Los Angeles that he wanted no publicity nor to meet newspaper reporters in San Francisco, thus allowing more time with his close ones before he left America. This had meant rearranging appointments and interviews at the last moment. Now again, there were changes!

Suddenly, Baba turned to Carolyn Frey, who was in charge of arrangements in San Francisco, and remarked, "If those people [in the connecting rooms] leave by one o'clock tomorrow, and the food here is good, I will stay."

Baba was given temporary quarters, and had his lunch, which he liked. He called a few of his lovers upstairs later. They found him seated on the divan, surrounded by a dozen children. He looked like an innocent child himself and smiled broadly. "Now that the children have monopolized me, the rest of you will have no chance!"

He added, "I, too, am a child."

Baba said he was happy; he liked the food and would stay. In a lighter mood, he played with the children for a while, met his San Francisco lovers who had not been on the trip, and gave the rest a quick embrace. Baba asked Enid Corfe what she was thinking, and she said, "I was thinking that if you take the i out of Enid, that is the end!" Baba enjoyed the remark.

At 2:30 P.M., Baba was taken in Agnes Baron's station wagon, driven by Lud, on a sightseeing tour of the city. Eruch, Nilu, Ivy and Lud's daughter Diane rode with him. The others went by bus. Joseph and Kari Harb also took their car. They visited Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf and Telegraph Hill, where they disembarked at Coit Tower to view the harbor. Next, they went to the Presidio Gardens via Lombard Street (known as "the crookedest street in the world"). Suddenly, Baba turned to Lud and signaled that he must return to the hotel by four o'clock.

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