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Lord Meher

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40671956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

Fred, what about your prophecy that the fog would clear?"

"I need your help, Baba," Fred replied.

Gesturing toward the outdoors, Baba said, "Now, go out and see the view and try to love Baba through nature. This is all due to my love ... This whole creation, this nature, all the beauty you see, all came out of me."

They went outside, and the sky began to clear. From the 2,500 foot elevation of the property atop Sulphur Mountain, one could see for many, many miles the beautiful rolling hills below. Shortly afterwards, Baba called Ivy, Sparkie and a few others back inside. Baba was pacing up and down. He looked at them solemnly, snapped his fingers and said, "I have made my decision!"

They stood dumbfounded, wondering what the momentous decision was. "When I come back in 700 years, there will be no more grapes on earth — and maybe that will help the liquor [alcohol abuse] problem too!" he joked.

Dana had been taking notes during the tour for his "chronicle," and Baba called him and told him it ought to go in the chronicle that there will be no grapes after 700 years. "On second thought," he said, "let them guess why there aren't grapes!"

When the laughter had subsided, Dana said, "What will they say Baba, that I said that there won't be any grapes because they gave the Avatar a tummy ache?"

Agnes Baron then took Baba on a tour of the Meher Mount property. Everyone followed — panting to keep pace. One man was given the chance to hold Baba's umbrella, but Baba would change directions so swiftly, it was hard for him to keep up. As Baba passed the sulfur-water swimming pool with its leafy arbor, he pointed to the vines and gestured, "Grapes again!" Baba was very particular to be shown all the boundary lines and fence posts, asking where the north-south and east-west lines were. Agnes herself was not sure, and Baba looked playfully put out with her.

On the top point of Meher Mount is a huge coast live oak tree which is called "Baba's tree." Baba sat under it on the bed of dry leaves. He signaled that no one else should sit down. His eyes shone, and he said he was happy. Then he rose swiftly and led the group back down the dusty trail. Kali, Agnes' dog, followed close behind Baba.

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