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40661956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

Baba queried.

"Different things, Baba. I think the fruit was homegrown, and the bread specially baked for you."

"What about your nuts that you always want to have?"

"Wonderful!" Dana replied.

"Fruits!" Baba exclaimed. "From childhood, I have never liked fruits, nor milk. Whenever I have to fast, I will fast on water, but not on milk. When I go on mast tours, sometimes for as long as three days, I do not get the food I like, so the mandali ask me to take some milk or fruits; but I would rather go hungry and just live on water."

Eruch added, "Sometimes Baba fasts without water; he won't take anything, even water."

Baba continued, "Dana has told me, 'Baba, you should eat grapes, it is good for your health.' And today, as soon as I entered this room, I found fruits here [gesturing toward the bowl of fruit by his chair]. So I ate a whole bunch of grapes. Among other things, plums were here. And now, listen ...!" Baba patted his tummy, and all heard the rumbling inside, and burst into laughter with him.

Tapping the top of his head, he continued teasing, "I bear the whole universe on my head, but this is a sort of additional crucifixion, because the food does not agree with me!"

Dana added to the hilarity, "One man's medicine is another man's poison."

Then Baba said, "I want you all to close your eyes for five minutes. Do not think of anything, just think of Baba." Obediently, everyone in the group sat still and closed his or her eyes and did the meditation. After a minute, they heard Baba's stomach rumbling, and all burst out laughing.

Dana said, "I'll stop eating them myself!"

Baba smiled and said, "This afternoon, you all have a chance to laugh and feel relaxed. Baba also has a chance to relax here for five minutes. You had no chance at New York; in Myrtle Beach, little chance; in Los Angeles, none. But here today, we feel relaxed, happy. I come down to your level so that we can laugh and be free together; but do not forget at the same time that I am the Highest of the High.

"Dana?" Baba asked.

"I won't recommend grapes anymore, Baba!"

"Dana loves me very much; he is working very hard so that others can love me — but he lives on dried fruits!

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