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Lord Meher

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40651956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

Agnes cracked.

When they arrived on the mountain, a fog had settled in over the Ojai valley. Baba told Agnes, "I love Meher Mount very much and feel happy here."

As Agnes drove in, she said, "Baba, here is the spirit of Meher Mount," and indicated her beautiful and intelligent, short-haired, golden, part-collie, part-greyhound dog named Kali, who eased up next to Baba's leg.

When the bus arrived, Baba called all into the "Baba-room" of the guest house and said, "Next to Myrtle Beach, I love this place best." Baba asked several how they liked it. One said, "It has a spiritual atmosphere." Another said, "It compares to Meherabad Hill." A third commented on the lovely fragrance. Filis said, "It reminds me of the hills of Assisi." Jeanne Shaw agreed, "It has instant appeal."

Baba nodded and added, "This land is very old, I have been here before.  I would like to have spent the night here, but there is no time."

As each person filed out of the room, Baba, in a playful mood, pushed out Ben Hayman and Margaret Craske. A short while later, Baba appeared on the vine-covered porch with Elizabeth's red scarf wound around his head like a turban. Baba was relaxed and happy, and began calling individuals for private darshan. He informed a few, "You are so lucky to be with me so closely, because in India those who are ready to give their lives for me have to file past me to see me, and the crowds are so immense they have time only for a glance or a touch from me before someone pushes them from behind."

Baba called each person and remarked, "This is the last embrace for a long time."

Outside under the trees, the group ate a delicious lunch prepared by Helen White, with homemade bread baked by Charles Reade.

Shortly thereafter, several new people arrived. After seeing them, Baba called his group of lovers inside. Baba was seated in a large chair in a jolly mood. He called Dana Field and cracked, "Dana loves me so much he has given up his diet for the trip!" (Dana was into health foods and had been living on dried fruits and nuts, which he used to carry in his pockets.)

Dana stood up and said, "The delicious lunch I have just eaten was Baba's prasad."

"What did you eat, dried fruits?"

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