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40601956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

A few minutes later, Baba slipped quietly upstairs to his room. Dana Field brought Baba some homemade coffeecake, and Baba put a piece of it into Dana's mouth.

Dante Leo Cardella had come to see Baba at the hotel several times. Every Wednesday, a group of spiritual seekers met at Dante's apartment, and he was anxious that Baba address the group. At 7:00 P.M., Baba was driven to the apartment at 1401 North Detroit Street, Apartment #1, where about 50 people were waiting in hushed expectancy for him. Dante welcomed Baba:

We are indeed fortunate to have Meher Baba, who is a very great Spiritual Teacher and Master, with us. He represents, and more importantly is, a divine incarnation. Those of you who have studied more deeply will know what that means. There is no way to measure Baba intellectually because Baba's greatness can only be measured, in the final analysis, with the heart.

Cardella read excerpts from Baba's message "Love and God Love." The group usually meditated together for a few minutes, and this week, because Baba was present, Cardella urged the group to focus on him. "To receive Baba's greatest blessing," he said, "is to give him loving devotion and attention, because these are the things which he can directly work with and help in your life ... The greatest miracle of all is the miracle of the awakened heart. And this, Baba can truly help us with."

After a few minutes of silent meditation, Baba instructed the group to meditate on his name every Wednesday at midnight. Through Eruch, he told the group:

We are pleased to meet you ... Dante loves Baba. He told you all about Baba today. Baba loves him, but the important thing is one should see me in everyone. If you can, do that which Baba has given out now: his instructions to sit at midnight every Wednesday, every week, for fifteen minutes in complete darkness, beginning your meditation from twelve midnight, with open eyes and repeating "Ba-Ba" with every breath inhaled and exhaled, and not paying attention to any experiences that you get when you are meditating. If you see Baba, focus your attention on that and continue your repetitions. Then you will see Baba in everyone. Do not miss this, Baba says.

I am in everyone, in everything. I am not only as you see me in flesh and blood. I am the Ocean. Those who dare to drown themselves in this Ocean can get the pearl out of the ocean.

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