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40571956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

Baba replied, "I experience that I am eternally bound in you all. Darwin, for example, has hands, eyes, fingers. When his finger is sore, he feels it; although it is the finger which is sore, not Darwin. So I feel all your suffering because you all are in me.

"Jesus Christ had himself crucified. Although he had infinite power, he took on suffering and made himself helpless for the sake of humanity. He felt infinite bliss, but also human suffering. He felt the suffering of all the world. I continually feel both infinite bliss and human suffering."

Baba turned to Hilda and asked, "Where is that room?" (At Darwin's suggestion, she had offered a room where he could rest before dinner.) But without waiting for a reply, Baba went on explaining the nature of prasad: "In India, it is accepted with great reverence; they know it comes from God." Baba gave each one present a grape (including the mandali, who were given it first), stating, "Eat it." The people came slowly to Baba; few of them seemed reverent or appreciative of what they were being given. Some seemed even casual about it.

After meeting with Ruth White and Hilda Fuchs privately, Baba rested in a bedroom for a few minutes. Baba and the group then left for the large restaurant near Hilda's, called The Garden of Allah, where there was to be a dinner that evening arranged by Hilda. All had assembled and were awaiting his arrival. Don Stevens welcomed Baba, and Ruth White read a poem.

Although two of Margaret's dancers, Peter Saul and Tex Hightower, had paid for their dinner in advance, when they arrived, they saw that all the seats were taken. When Baba saw them standing, he asked what was the matter. They explained. Baba then motioned to Eruch and Meherjee to get up. He had Peter and Tex sit down on either side of him.

As Don Stevens was reading one of Baba's messages, Tex was glancing at Baba, thinking: "So this is God ..." Baba turned and looked at him as if to say, "Don't try to understand me."

When Don finished his reading, Baba said, "I am very happy to be here. I bless you all. I must leave shortly, but you must stay and eat your dinner. Eat well."

Baba and the mandali left a few minutes later for the hotel. While departing, Baba instructed Hilda Fuchs to sit in his chair in his place.

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