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40561956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

Darwin Shaw was stationed at the door, coordinating the flow of people going in for interviews. In the afternoon there was a lull and Baba and the mandali went back upstairs to their suite. Soon, more people came and Darwin thought since they had appointments he should inform Baba. He took the elevator up, and just as he was approaching Baba's room, Baba came out. Baba held up his hand and asked why Darwin had come. Darwin said, "More people have come, Baba — with appointments."

Baba looked at Darwin and lamented, "Does that mean I have to go back downstairs?"

Darwin could see that Baba looked tired and he replied, "I am afraid so." Baba just leaned forward and humorously feigning exhaustion put his head on Darwin's shoulder for a few seconds, and then went back down.

during an interview at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 31 July 1956

Afterward, at 4:45 P.M., Baba visited Hilda Fuchs' home, at 1524 North Crescent Heights Boulevard, where about 30 of her friends met him. Hilda had first heard of Baba in Vienna, in 1932, through Alice Trau-Fisher.   She was forced to flee the country when Hitler rose to power, as her husband Viktor was Jewish. Alice suggested she meet Norina in New York, which she did after much difficulty. Norina introduced her to other Baba lovers, and convinced her of Baba's greatness. She began arranging Norina's lectures, and in the 1940s, when Norina and Elizabeth were searching for a property for Baba, Hilda accompanied them on their tour of the West Coast.

Besides the mandali, Baba was accompanied to Hilda's house by Elizabeth, Kitty, Margaret, Ivy, Charmian, Don Stevens, the Shaw family, Marion, Sparkie Lukes, Dana and John Bass. Filis, Adele and Jeanne Shaw assisted serving punch and cakes to the people as they came in. Don had arrived earlier to give an introductory talk about Baba. "I am very happy to see you all," Baba told them. Hilda introduced each guest to Baba as they stepped forward to shake his hand. Then Don read the messages "Have Hope" and "The Ignorance of the Separative Ego."

Baba asked Ivy, "What are you thinking?"

She replied, "I was wondering what you were thinking!"

Baba answered, "I was thinking that God within each of you is free, infinite; yet He feels Himself bound in each of you and therefore He suffers. I am infinitely happy, eternally blissful, yet I suffer every instant through you because I am in you all."

Ivy questioned, "But why this suffering, Baba?"

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