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40411956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

He knew that when one approaches a spiritually perfect Master, it is customary simply to say, "I surrender all," that is body, mind and possessions. So I said, "All right, I am pleased," and the next day, he brings me all his possessions.

Now, who are the six persons who have not received prasad? In India, people receive prasad with great reverence, knowing that it is a gift of God to man, a gift of love from God to man. Who can catch?

Again, Baba distributed prasad. At last, the television crew arrived. They began filming Baba as he tossed prasad to his lovers. It was past 6:00 P.M. when they finished. All followed Baba on foot back to the main part of the Center — stepping quickly around the large puddles — Baba teasing and joking with them along the way. Fred Winterfeldt had been busy all day running errands and had therefore missed being with Baba. At around 6:30 P.M., he brought Baba's car back to the Guest House, and Baba ordered him to chauffeur him to his house. Fred was so happy that he lost the way and accidentally drove down a dead end. "Baba, the trees just grew in front of the car!" Fred said. Baba chuckled, as Fred turned around and took him home.

The television men spent the night in Myrtle Beach, and early the next morning, Saturday, 28 July 1956, they filmed Baba in a spot overlooking the lake. Ivy was sitting beside Baba and they photographed her asking him, "Why should misery perpetually exist on earth in spite of God's infinite love and mercy?"

Baba dictated: "The source of Eternal Bliss is the Self in all. The cause of perpetual misery is the selfishness of all. As long as satisfaction is derived through selfish pursuits, misery will always exist.

"Only because of the infinite love and mercy of God can man learn to realize through the lessons of misery on earth that inherent in him is the source of infinite bliss and that all suffering is his labor of love to unveil his own infinite Self."

After a few private interviews, a short business meeting in the Lagoon Cabin was called regarding the Hospitality Fund. Baba divided the balance in the fund equally among the Meher Center, Sufism Reoriented and the New York Monday Night group. Later, he told the Winterfeldts and Filis Frederick that he wished part of the Monday Night group's share to go to The Awakener magazine, which was in financial straits at the time, although no one had mentioned this to him.

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