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Lord Meher

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40341956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

During their two-day stay at the Center, they met Baba in the Lagoon Cabin with Ivy. Marvin felt a "great thump" in his midsection when he knelt at Baba's knees, as if he had been squeezed suddenly. Both were deeply drawn to Baba and became dedicated to his cause.

At their request, Kitty arranged a private interview for the Muirs. Peggy wanted very much to learn from Baba whether they should continue their work as Sufi preceptors. At the Lagoon Cabin, Baba's chair was positioned in the middle of the cabin. There was just room enough for them to kneel in front of him. Both were crying and almost incoherent, but Baba knew what they wanted to know. He asked them, "What does Ivy say [about their work]?"

They replied, "We feel it is what she wants us to do."

Baba put his right hand on Peggy's head and his left hand on Andy's head and said, "Do it together."

On his way to the kitchen, Baba asked if Adele, Bili, Beryl and Filis had written yet to Mehera and the other women mandali in India. Again, he stopped by the boathouse and asked Harold and Virginia Rudd if they had slept well.

On the schedule that day were the dedication ceremonies of the Center. The mayor of Myrtle Beach had been invited, and the NBC-TV cameramen were to come from New York and film the proceedings for the nationally televised "Dave Garroway Show." It was also the "open day" for the townspeople of Myrtle Beach to come for Baba's darshan, and the event had been publicized in the local papers.

At 8:30 A.M., Baba came to the Barn. He stationed Margaret Craske and Agnes Baron at the front steps to write down the names of those coming for darshan. Margaret was instructed to tell each one: "I have a message for you from Baba. You are not to ask questions, and there will be no private interviews today. Just accept Baba's love and darshan." Jeanne Shaw was to add that they should eat the prasad Baba would give them.

At first, only a few persons were present. Baba disappeared behind the Barn for a while, and then went back in and sat down on the high-backed chair. First, all those staying on the Center and in Myrtle Beach lined up outside to receive the prasad of a cherry and mints.

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