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40231956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

Dr. Bolen saw Baba again, and this time brought his wife, daughter and three sons.

To Carrie Ben Shammai, Baba stated, "I have entered your heart forever, and you have entered my heart forever. I shall ever be with you wherever you might be and under all circumstances until eternity."

To the next woman who saw him privately, Baba urged, "Love me. You will see me within you. Read God Speaks, and don't worry about anything."

"I was an orphan and never knew my parents," she said.

"Consider yourself God's child and leave everything to Him." Baba asked if she was prepared to do so, and when she replied affirmatively he asked her to repeat his name fourteen times alone at midnight.

A 14-year-old boy named Peter Thibodeau was working at the Center that summer, doing odd jobs and running errands. Peter's father, Dr. J. Harold Thibodeau, 39, was Elizabeth's chiropractor, and she invited the doctor to meet Baba. Dr. Thibodeau's mother had recently passed away, and he asked Baba, "Will I see her again before I pass on?" Baba said he would.

"Can I do anything to help my memory?" he asked.

"Do you have faith in me?" Baba asked.

Thibodeau said yes. "Then every day before rising from bed, repeat 'Lord Jesus Christ' fourteen times, and when you go to bed repeat his name seven times."

To friends of the Thibodeaus, Dr. Lee Sessions and his wife, Vickie, of Charleston, South Carolina, and their son, Baba said, "There is nothing to say. Only love and bestow love!"

Dana Field brought Mr. Miller and his wife Mary from Miami to see Baba. They, too, were told to read God Speaks.

Eileen Coates, who lived in Briarcliffe Acres, met Baba next. She was closely connected with Elizabeth and the Center.

A Mr. Fleming followed, to whom Baba said, "Whether one loves me or not, I give my blessings to all!"

Harry Kenmore met with Baba that morning, and then Mike Loftus of the Sufi group.

A Parsi doctor from Florida named Faredoon Birdi met Baba, and lastly two more Myrtle Beach neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ellsworth.

As mentioned, Virginia Rudd was pregnant, and when Baba saw her and her husband, Harold (an aspiring actor), in the Lagoon Cabin he rubbed his own belly as if to say he understood Virginia's condition completely. "This child is of my own personal selection," Baba stated. "It is my boon to you. When it grows up it will be one of the best."

He instructed Virginia, "When it is being born, say my name seven times." Baba held Virginia's hands, looked into her eyes and told her to practice repeating his name in front of him, which she did. Pointing at Harold, Baba teased, "He didn't do this. I did!"

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