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39791956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

The same evening at 8:00 P.M., another reception for the public was held at the Rubens Hotel, and almost 175 people attended. Among the crowd included Kathleen Pritchard, Douglas and Mollie Eve, Stephanie Haggard, the Lawtons, Mr. and Mrs. Imai (the Japanese photographer who had taken Baba's portraits in 1931), and several friends of Irene Conybeare. Each person was allowed half a minute to meet Baba and receive prasad. Tom Hopkinson brought each person to Baba. Will and Delia were seated on either side of him. Baba looked resplendent seated on a purple satin-covered settee with velvet cushions, with purple hangings in the background and a huge canopy of flowers arranged by Dorothy Hopkinson on either side. Baba looked absolutely regal and glowing the whole evening. Refreshments of tea, cakes and sandwiches were served and again entertainment was performed. Afterwards, Baba had Eruch explain:

You all will have received from Baba what in India is called prasad, and that is not just a conventional gift. In India, where people gather in tens of thousands at a time to receive gifts from him — something to eat like a sweet — they accept it as something great. When they go away, they realize that they have something of his Self, given as something from his own heart. Because this present of prasad is really a seed of love planted in your heart, you should take the sweet with that idea in your mind when meeting Baba.

Baba, here or anywhere, knows, and that is the idea you should hold while facing him at this moment. Whatever state you have, joys or worries, Baba knows — because his knowledge is the knowledge of the heart, not just mental appreciation of mere words. It is your heart that Baba understands and knows, as you approach him, when his heart meets yours. And that is the significance of meeting with him.

When you come before him, you have many things which you would like to say to him; but, in fact, it is not necessary to tell him. He knows. If he did not know it, coming before him would not matter. It is impossible to be deceived when it is the knowledge of the heart.

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