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Baba met and embraced Keith. After talking with him for a while, Baba instructed him to return to England immediately, contact his lovers in London and await his coming in July. As Keith was leaving, he told Eruch, "I have reached my goal."

After Eruch wrote out an account of Kirpal Singh's visit and read it to Baba, Baba added to it:

Kabir says:
Pilgrimage to holy places bears one fruit;
Company and guidance of saints bear four fruits.
O Kabir! The grace of a Perfect Master
bears infinite number of fruits.

Vedas say:
Out of thousands of men, one becomes a saint;
Out of thousands of saints, one becomes God-realized;
Out of many such God-realized ones,
one becomes a Perfect Master.
I say:
During the Avataric period,
the five Perfect Masters make GOD incarnate as MAN.

During Baba's seclusion, the men and women mandali in Satara were directed to fast every Friday, but they were allowed morning tea and supper. Baba fasted for 24 hours without even water on Thursday, 24 May 1956 and again on the 29th. It was noted that May 24 was celebrated as Lord Buddha's birthday that year (and it was also the fourth anniversary of Baba's accident in America).

Meanwhile, Eruch was sent to Ahmednagar, Poona, Bombay and Mahabaleshwar for work regarding obtaining his passport, among other things, and returned to Satara on the 25th. Two days later, he was sent back to Mahabaleshwar to see Godavri Mai and also Irene Conybeare, both of whom were there. Godavri had mentioned wishing to join Baba on his upcoming tour of the West, and Baba had sent Eruch to ask her if she was serious. If she was, Baba would order the mandali to make all the necessary arrangements for this. When Eruch met her, she said that it was too late this time. She would definitely like to accompany Baba, she said, but not this time, as things would have to be arranged too hurriedly. Adi was sent with the message that Baba would see her on his return from America.

On Friday, 1 June 1956, Baba worked with Kaikobad in the morning, took his usual brisk walk on the verandah and then listened as the newspaper was read by Rano or one of the mandali.

Irene Conybeare arrived back in Satara on the 4th, and stayed at Mrs. Cooper's bungalow. She had come before but left after two days. This time, she came for a longer stay, and Baba would see her occasionally. Rano was told to visit her every day to give her company, and Irene would also be called to Grafton sometimes to see Mehera and Mani.

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