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Later that afternoon, Baba betrothed Rustom and Piroja (who had also come for the birthday) in Manzil-e-Meem, which gave great pleasure to their mothers.

Later Baba remarked, "After Rustom's wedding I am thinking of moving to some village for a while."

Gulmai then suggested, "Why don't you come and visit our property near Arangaon, outside Ahmednagar?"

Baba coyly asked her, "Why do you say that?"

Gulmai replied, "Your visit has been foretold by a local saint, Gilori Shah."

Baba, pretending not to follow, said that he did not understand what she meant.

Gulmai then narrated this story:

A few years ago, my husband Kaikhushru [Khansaheb] secured a contract to supply incandescent lights to the military barracks located near the village of Arangaon. It is six miles from the town of Ahmednagar, and he used to visit there occasionally on business.

At the end of World War I, a man bought the entire establishment from the military. Since the land was unsuitable for cultivation, it was, in turn, offered for sale; but no one was interested in buying such fallow land. As a result, the owner approached Kaikhushru, who consulted his business partners. But they, too, were uninterested in buying what they called "jungle land." He asked my opinion, and I wondered what we would do with it, since we would never be able to move there because it was too far away from the city.

Nevertheless, he bought the land on his own, thinking it might prove useful in the future. The few buildings remained unattended for a long time and became dilapidated. Any useful material was stolen by the villagers. Occasionally, we used to visit the place because Kaikhushru had hired the headman of the village to sow millet there.

A Mohammedan saint called Hazrat Maula [Maulana] Gilori Shah lives in Ahmednagar. He occasionally comes to our house for a meal; but usually he prefers to keep aloof. He dislikes the presence of any crowd. When Masaji was working in Ahmednagar, he used to take bread and butter to the saint, and sometimes would bathe him.

Gilori Shah would often mention that he wanted to go to Arangaon and live his last days there. I thought that it was an unsuitable place for such a personage and would argue, "But Hazrat, who will bring your meals there? And who will look after you in the jungle?"

He would frown, saying, "All of these people are of no use to me, and I do not require their help."

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