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The mast-saint from Indore, Vishandas Maharaj, failed to catch his share and the orange fell to the ground. Baba had it returned and again threw it to him. This time he caught it, much to Baba's pleasure.

It was Mancher Shah himself, however, who got the best "prasad." When Baba tossed him an orange, it struck him in his eye which began to tear and turned red. But Mancher Shah was quite happy and Baba loved him dearly.

At about 3:45 P.M. Baba entered the hall where all had gathered. Pendu asked Baba's permission to show in three men who had ridden from Poona on bicycles (75 miles away). Baba allowed them darshan.

Abdul Majid Khan placed a large garland of wet roses around Baba's neck and Baba humorously remarked, "I will catch a cold from this garland." This reminded Baba of the incident in England when he was made to stand outside in the cold in his sadra for the sake of being photographed.

After narrating the incident, Baba coughed and smiled while looking at Abdul Khan. He gave him a rose petal to eat and then said:

I am on every level. I am level with even the dust under my feet. Everyone experiences me as being on his own level. You see me here with your physical eyes because I am physically present here. In the same way, those on the Path on different planes take me as belonging to their own particular plane. When man attains God-realization, he loses his body consciousness completely. He is not conscious of any of his three bodies — gross, subtle or mental. In that condition, nothing affects him, neither heat nor cold nor rain nor illness. But no sooner he comes down to normal consciousness, his body is subject to all changes, to cold, cough and other illnesses. Up to now, during the month of sahavas, I have not had a cold or cough, and that is why I told you this morning not to garland me. Once Sai Baba suffered from measles for 40 days.

Baba explained about God Speaks, then further stated:

Listen carefully. When there was absolutely nothing, God in the Beyond, Beyond state, there was not even I, not even "God Is One."

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