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You have yet to see my Real Self. When you see it, you will be free from all bindings. One in a million can have a glimpse of me, and one out of the millions realizes me. Hafiz says that only one out of lakhs who have turned their bodies into dust out of love for God realizes God."

But Baba has three solutions to free you forever from your bindings. It is impossible, first of all, to become the very dust under my feet in this body. The second solution is to be in the world with family, home, business, et cetera, but take Baba's name fourteen times daily: not more, not less than fourteen times. Then you will come to me. Even fourteen times is difficult.

If you cannot do this, then do this much. When about to breathe your last, repeat my name, and come to me. This too is hard to do unless you start repeating it or loving me from now on, every second of your life. If you do not do it, you will not be able to remember me in your last moments.

Even if this is not possible, there is a last recourse which might help you. It is to do selfless service for others, as I am everywhere, in all and in everything. Service for the sake of service is selfless service. If you do this, under all circumstances and regardless of what happens, it will bring you to me.

Baba cited the examples of the saint Gadge Maharaj, and his followers Kaikadi Maharaj and Namanand, who recently had taken up Baba's cause and were doing their best to carry his message of love far and wide: 

These men are moving from place to place to better the lot of humanity; they have built dharamshalas, schools, hospitals. They undergo all sorts of hardships out of love for God. They love Baba. Gadge Maharaj took me to Pandharpur where thousands of pilgrims took my darshan, though Gadge Maharaj himself is worshiped as a saint throughout Maharashtra.

Then there is the example of an ordinary man like Vinoba Bhave going about barefooted against all odds, out of his love for man. There are many such persons in India who are doing selfless service. Some of you too are doing the same thing, though you may not know it. Selfless service is service without the least tinge of ego. The slightest egoistic thought would undo everything. Only one out of many can succeed in doing this type of service for humanity — even for saints it is impossible!

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