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Gadge Maharaj further entreated Baba to pay a visit to Nasik also. But Baba replied, "I have fulfilled my promise by coming to Pandharpur. From now on, I will stay in Satara and not appear in public anymore. All that I have declared in the last meeting at Meherabad will come to pass within the next six months."

Gadge Maharaj was deeply moved and said, "I do not like to hear such things from you, because at this moment the world is badly in need of you, and your darshan is the sole solace to a world facing untold calamities. You must give darshan to everyone, everywhere!"

Baba replied, "Soon I will break my silence and give the world my Real Darshan, for the world will never derive lasting benefit by taking darshan of this physical body. The spoken Word of Truth will penetrate deep into the heart of the world. It alone will give the world the lasting benefit of my Real Darshan."

Baba added, "You should not try to see me in Satara. This is our last meeting before everything that is preordained comes to pass."

There was then silence in the car until they reached the dharamshala. Both Baba and Gadge Maharaj got out when they arrived. Maharaj bowed to Baba, and Baba, too, bowed to him. Baba and the mandali then drove back to where his lovers were waiting, and after giving each a farewell pat, Baba returned to Satara.

After returning from Pandharpur, Nilu wrote to Max Haefliger, "Nowadays Baba is really grave and serious, and it appears, as it were, that he is withdrawing in himself."

The men mandali continued to discuss what Baba had said about his Final Declaration. Nariman had come to Satara for a few days and was also interested in the topic. On 8 November 1954, Bhau and Aloba went to Grafton, as usual, to escort Baba to Rosewood. On the way, Baba asked Bhau what the men were talking about. Bhau informed him, and after entering Rosewood and discussing some other subject, Baba clarified his declaration. This was issued in the form of a circular (on 20 November):

Meher Baba had mentioned during the Meherabad meeting his intended visit to Pandharpur, which would be his very last public appearance. Thus, although Baba has stopped using his alphabet board and giving darshan, he kept his promise to the saint Gadge Maharaj, and visited Pandharpur on November 6, where tens of thousands of people were blessed by Baba's presence.

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