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Still, the date was fixed for the 6th and 7th, and Gadekar in Poona was informed. For a year prior to this, Gadekar had been transferred to Nasik. While in Nasik, Gadge Maharaj would come to Gadekar's house, and he also continued to visit his family in Poona. Gadekar with his wife, Gunatai, and their children, Digambar and Nalini, proceeded to Pandharpur ahead of Baba. There Gadekar arranged for Baba and the mandali to stay in a military boarding school.  

Baba called Nariman Dadachanji and Meherjee Karkaria to Satara on the 5th. He left with them and Sarosh in two cars (Nariman and Sarosh's) for Pandharpur on Saturday, 6 November 1954. Eruch, Pendu, Bhau, Kohiyar and Gustadji accompanied them. They stopped at Bindra House for lunch. Several of Baba's close lovers in various places were informed and they, too, traveled to Pandharpur. These included: Adi Sr., Jangoo, Nusserwan, Dhake, Waman, Rustom Kaka, Bhagirath, Kaka Chinchorkar, Bhaiya Panday from Ahmednagar; Yeshwant Rao from Sakori; Bal Natu and a fellow teacher named Vasudeo Kher from Kurduwadi; the Thade family, Rangole, Subhadra, Bade, Shinde, Kamble and Sadashiv Patil from Poona; and Kutumba Sastri from Andhra.

Reaching Pandharpur at 3:30 P.M., Baba was served tea and refreshments at Kaka Chinchorkar's father-in-law Aradhya Patil Vakil's home. At 4:00 P.M., Baba and the mandali accommodated themselves in the spacious school building. This message was sent to Gadge Maharaj:

Vithoba himself has come to Pandharpur in person and he will be completely at your disposal during his 24-hours' stay. Vithoba will do exactly as Gadge Maharaj tells him to do. But on condition that Maharaj not ask him to break his silence or use his alphabet board, which he has discarded from October 7. Gadge Maharaj should also not request him to either take food or rest at night, as he (Vithoba, Baba) has decided on taking neither food nor rest so that he can make himself available as much as possible to the pilgrims coming.

Hearing of Baba's arrival, Gadge Maharaj arranged to receive him at his own dharamshala. He collected as many pilgrims as could fit in the open courtyard. Everyone was made to sit in an orderly fashion so that they could see Baba even from a distance.

At 5:00 P.M., Baba was driven to the dharamshala. Leading him by the hand, Gadge Maharaj escorted him to a raised dais, which had been specially built for him, and requested that Baba take his seat on it. Although Baba wanted to sit on the ground with the pilgrims, he kept his promise and consented to Maharaj's request.

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