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Sam and the driver reached Satara about 10:00 A.M. and had Baba's darshan. Baba appeared quite happy with the car; he had a short ride in it and seemed satisfied with its performance.

That same afternoon, before Sam and the driver left, Baba returned to the men's quarters. Turning the coat pockets of his pink jacket inside out, he informed Sam, "You have brought the car for my use, but as you see, I have no money to run it. So you had better hand over to Eruch whatever money you have to make sure that all future running expenses are met." Sam agreed, remembering the petty thought that had come to him on the way to Satara. Thus Baba made him realize his mistake. Eruch took all his money, leaving him just enough to return to Poona.

Although Sam's car was not in the best condition, somehow they managed to keep it running. Bhau was assigned the duty of washing the car daily, and Baba would come each day to make sure it was being kept thoroughly cleaned.

Adi Sr. was called to Satara on 11 October 1954, where Baba discussed with him the publication of Malcolm Schloss and Charles Purdom's notes on the "Three Incredible Weeks." Baba also spoke about his upcoming visit to Pandharpur, and told Adi to inform Nusserwan Satha and Sarosh of the details. 

Adi's nephew Falu and his family had accompanied him to Satara, and Baba was happy to see Falu. He spoke of Falu's father Rustom, saying, "Your father had so much love and so much sacrifice for me. He is seeing me again physically through your form." Falu wept and Baba caressed him.

At 3:00 P.M. on 16 October 1954, Baba, accompanied by Pendu, Baidul and Kumar, traveled in Adi's car driven by Eruch to work with masts. Baba contacted masts in Kolhapur, Belgaum, Mysore and other places, and then they returned six days later, on the 22nd.

It was during this trip that Baba made an unscheduled visit to the Byramangala property, where Baba had once planned a Universal Center. Baba had found it difficult to rest in Mysore because of loudspeaker music from Diwali celebrations going on at the time. Eruch suggested they drive a few hours away to the Byramangala property, where Venkoba Rao had purchased part of the land and was residing. Pendu was sent in advance to arrange it. Venkoba Rao was overjoyed that Baba had come. Baba asked Venkoba Rao why he had not attended the September programs in Ahmednagar. Venkoba replied that he had not received the circular about them. Baba said, "Since you did not come to see me, I had to come to see you!"

Despite heavy rain, Baba walked around the property and to the nearby reservoir. Venkoba Rao expressed his wish to rejoin the mandali, and Baba said he would call him when the time was right.

Baba stayed at Byramangala for a day or so before resuming his mast work.

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