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Baba instructed Dhake to leave at 10:00 P.M. and so Eruch dropped him at the bus stand during a fifteen-minute recess which Baba had ordered.

Thus Baba stopped using the alphabet board from 7 October 1954, and it will be seen hereafter how he conveyed his thoughts and instructions.

The following day, Baba sent Krishnaji to Meherazad to stay with Kaka Baria. Kishan Singh left for Dehra Dun, Dr. Sharma for Mathura and Adi Dubash for Karachi.

John Bass cabled Baba that Malcolm Schloss had died in New York on the 7th of October. Baba had told his Western lovers to go straight home after leaving India, but Malcolm had stayed in Paris for a few days and again in New York, instead of returning directly to Hollywood, California.

Baba instructed Meherjee to send these two telegrams in reply:

Inform all concerned that most fortunate Malcolm passed away from you all on most important day of seventh in unique circumstances after embracing Baba and completing Baba's work.

Baba stopped using board from the 7th, but conveyed by gestures specially send this message for Malcolm's group that Malcolm very fortunate passing away on the 7th and has come to Baba. Baba wishes you send autographed pictures to Malcolm's group, according to his list, and Baba's robe [sadra] to person taking charge of his group. Baba wishes you let Baba lovers in America, Europe, Australia know both my cables.

After the September 1954 Meherabad meeting, when the lovers reached their homes, they spread the news everywhere of Baba's dropping the body and the destruction of three-fourths of the world. In some vernacular newspapers in India, accounts were published and the reports spread throughout the country. In Baba centers in Hamirpur, repetition of Baba's name without a break for 24 hours began, and the whole district was swept away by Baba's love. All were praying that Baba not give up the body, and in all corners of India talk about Meher Baba prevailed. A strange atmosphere had descended, and it seemed Baba's unusual declaration had served to spread his name quickly far and wide.

After Baba's declaration was publicized, many people opposed to Baba objected to his authority to make such a declaration. Ironically, the result of this opposition was that it brought many new ones to Baba's feet. The declaration was, in truth, the declaration of God, and can never be unfounded or false: The results would always be according to Baba's wish.

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