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So I went to Sakori and bowed down to his shrine and told him, "You know I am the Ancient One." Maharaj was Perfection personified. At the head of the Sakori ashram is Godavri Mai, whom I call Yashoda. She is a unique female personality and loves me beyond words, and to me she is the dearest of the dear.

Baba then introduced the five Sakori men. Asking Yeshwant Rao to rise, he stated, "He is the link between Maharaj and Merwan." Wagh then stood up, and Baba stated, "This is Wagh, who has for years faithfully and honestly carried out the office work and the arrangements at the Sakori ashram. He can be called one of the few main pillars of Sakori." Vasant Deshmukh stood up, and Baba stated, "Here is Sakori's high priest. But even his priesthood will not save me from violent death." Purandhare stood up, and Baba stated, "One of the most honest, faithful workers at Sakori." Finally, Bharucha rose, and Baba stated, "This old Parsi father loves God wholeheartedly and longs for God, at Sakori, near the feet of Maharaj." The Sakori men left the platform, and Baba continued:

Now, please pay attention, be wide awake, and don't doze. Since I stopped speaking and also stopped writing, except for my signature when essential, I carried on with this alphabet board all these years of my silence. From the 7th of October 1954, I will give up this board, too. I won't make any signs with my fingers, like Gustadji, to convey thoughts. From the 7th of October, I shall not be speaking, writing, using the board, or making signs with my fingers. I shall be as if withdrawing within myself. This is because now, at last, the so long-promised and repeatedly promised time of breaking my silence is very near. From October 7, 1954, I shall completely retire from my present activities. There will be no mass darshans, no programs, no meetings, no messages, no correspondence. Take this seriously and do not write to me from October 7, as I shall pay no attention to letters. I shall, however, go with Gadge Maharaj when he takes me to Pandharpur, if he has the fortune to do this, as I shall drop this body soon. The mandali have asked me today to say in a few words exactly and precisely what will happen to me. So I tell you; note it down.

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