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Another student named Narayan Singh had come to Meherabad without his parents' permission. Baba informed him, "On your return, seek your parents' pardon on my behalf, and say that it is Meher Baba's mistake that he gave you such love."

Vishnu of Dhagwan sang the song "Jai, Jai Jagat ke Samarth!" — "Hail, hail the All-powerful One in the universe!" The song made Baba happy.

Gauri Shankar Vaidya (ayurvedic doctor) of Rath came forward, and Baba asked him to take his pulse. "It is normal, Baba," he said.

"The pulse of the whole world is controlled by my pulse," Baba stated.

Baba cracked jokes with Sripat Sahai and others, and his ribbing proved the sustenance of their lives. Because of his endearing qualities, they would spontaneously remember Baba and the charming little things he said. Talk of achar, et cetera, might seem commonplace, but for Bhavani Prasad, for example, it proved his life's mantra, as seeing or eating any pickle or chutney would remind him of Baba. Such was Baba's method. His aim was perfect; his remarks, striking like arrows, created a lifelong wound in one's heart!

After the Hamirpur group, the Delhi and Dehra Dun groups were called. Prakashwati's son, Bhushan, had barely turned sixteen, and so he was allowed to attend the program. Baba asked if he was following his orders, and then asked in wonderment, "How is it that you always get angry so quickly?"

Baba gave Bhushan a very simple method of overcoming anger: "Whenever you are about to get angry with someone, at once remember that he is Baba! Then you will not get angry with Baba."

Dr. Sharma of Dehra Dun read a poem, which Baba appreciated.

Brahma Dev had been ordered by Baba to fast on only water for a week, and thereafter, his long-suffering asthma left him. He told Baba, "By your blessing, I have been freed from asthma."

Baba corrected him, "It is no miracle of mine, but your love and faith. My only miracle will be at the time of breaking my silence."

Brahma Dutt was another lover from Dehra Dun. He was standing at a distance, and Baba inquired, "In Hamirpur and Andhra you were always fighting to be near me. How is it that now you are keeping so quietly away?" Brahma Dutt laughed and came forward near Baba.

Addressing the group, Baba stated: "It is I who love. No one loves me. It is my love that is reflected through you all. Were anyone to love me as I want to be loved, he would become me definitely."

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