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Contrary to what Baba had predicted in Bombay, instead of speaking against him, Maharaj had instructed all those present in Sakori to touch Baba's feet, declaring that he was a great Master. While at Sakori, devotees surrounded Baba wherever he went, affording him little time to talk privately with Maharaj. Maharaj had given ghee to Sadashiv to massage Baba's body, so that he would have a relaxing rest during the afternoon.

This trip to Sakori was especially significant, because it afforded Baba the opportunity of meeting Mehera, who was later chosen to become his closest female disciple. Selecting her was the real reason for his trip. Also, this sacred occasion was the last time Meher Baba was to set foot in Sakori during Upasni Maharaj's lifetime. He would not see Maharaj again until October 1941, nineteen years later.

Baba arrived in Ahmednagar late at night and stayed at Gulmai and Khansaheb's house, Sarosh Manzil. The next day Baba visited Khansaheb's brother-in-law, Kaikhushru Ardeshir Irani (Sarosh's father, known as Elder Kaikhushru), at his home near the Camp area of the town. Although Elder Kaikhushru had been opposed to Upasni Maharaj and Baba, and did not attend the Sarosh Manzil house opening, on this occasion he welcomed the Master warmly. Baba was in a good mood and recited couplets from the Shahnameh in Persian to him, which he enjoyed. Sarosh's sister, Mota, was betrothed to Keki Irani during this occasion.

Gulmai had been permitted to visit Manzil-e-Meem several times prior to the following incident. Once, after Baba had returned from Ajmer, she had gone to Bombay in response to a telegram informing her that her father was seriously ill. Gulmai arrived in Bombay at nine in the evening, consulted with Baba at the Manzil and then went to Parel where her father lived. He passed away the next morning. While the funeral prayers and rites were being performed, she received a message from Baba to come to him. She went as soon as the body had been taken to the Tower of Silence for the dead and, after seeing Baba, returned home to Ahmednagar. 

Some time later, her daughter Dolly's navjot (Zoroastrian thread ceremony) was performed in Parel. In the evening Baba and the mandali were invited to celebrate the occasion. Gulmai's brother, Dr. Minochershaw Irani, had been ill and was to have an operation soon and wished to consult Baba about it. Baba informed him that there was no need to be concerned and that he would recover. Despite the Master's kindness, Minochershaw had no faith in Baba and spoke against him to his sister and others.

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