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Thus, the discussion in Telugu convinced the Andhra group present that Baba knew their language. Yet The Avatar's "knowing" is infinitely different. He can remember events that happened ages ago; he also knows what will happen after cycles of time. He knows the seed of thought fundamental to every tongue spoken by mankind, and thus is aware of everything that everyone thinks.

In the end, Baba created a committee and vested in it overall responsibility for his work in Andhra. There were four members of the committee: Kutumba Sastri, Dhanapathy Rao, Ranga Rao and Mallikarjuna — so Baba named it the K.D.R.M. Samiti (functioning body).

On Wednesday evening, 28 January 1953, Baba and the mandali boarded the Madras-to-Poona passenger train headed back to Meherazad. Thousands had crammed onto the train station platform to see them off and many were weeping. The group reached Vijayawada, where about 300 persons came to see Baba before his train left for Dhond. As per Baba's instructions, his darshan was permitted only through the window of the train. Each of those gathered clamored for a few moments in the Beloved's presence. Many asked for Baba's help, saying, for instance, that a daughter was still unmarried, or a family member was ill.

A. V. Raghavulu of Calcutta, who had been permitted to travel with Baba and the mandali to Vijayawada, reluctantly informed Eruch that a gentleman who had had Baba's darshan at Eluru had come seeking blessings for his wife, who was suffering from a longstanding ailment. Baba became irritated and asked, "Why are they asking me to cure her disease? Am I a doctor?"

Baba called Raghavulu to his compartment and spelled on the board: "Do you know who am I? I am not an ordinary man. I am not a doctor, nor am I a miracle-monger. I am that Ancient One!"

Then Baba seemed to soften, and he conveyed, "All right, tell her I had not forgotten her. Tell her to repeat my name happily 101 times a day till the end of April [1953]."

An estimated 150,000 people had Meher Baba's darshan in Andhra that year, and another 50,000 received prasad. Age observed, "The functions in Andhra were so absorbing that for two weeks those who had attended them forgot everything else in the world!" The intoxication of this Fire is unique, and it can only be experienced. It cannot be compared even with a drop of the Ocean; so what must be the intoxication of the Ocean itself?

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