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To him everyone is God, everything is God, not merely through intellectual conviction as I said yesterday, but by actual and continual Becoming. He knows through continual and eternal conviction, and experiences from the beginningless beginning to the endless end, that he and he alone IS.

My message to the world, which has been the same throughout eternity, is love. This love has two aspects, and both aspects are real. Any other attachment which we, through ignorance, call love, is nothing but maya.

Love for God, [the] Personal or Impersonal, with intense longing for realizing oneness with the Beloved, is one aspect of real love. Such a lover forgets everything, forsakes everyone, and annihilates himself in the fire of divine love.

In the second aspect, a person loves humanity at large as being part and parcel of God. Here, the lover forgets his own interest, forsakes his own happiness, and tries to make others happy or uplifted. If this love reaches its height, here also, like the divine lover, the lover of humanity forgets himself completely, and is lost in love and love alone.

My Fiery Life, which begins from November 15 and ends at the end of April [1953], is based on this love by which the lover is lost in the Beloved, after being consumed in the fire of divine love.

Now listen very carefully.

Don then read the following lines about Baba's Fiery Life:

My Fiery Life begins on November 15, 1952. In April 1953, the climax of the internal working of that Life will be reached, and external demonstration of its entire internal working will be made manifest. In the same month also, the final and real result of the Fiery Life will, by God's grace, be known to the world.

God says:

I cause my enemies to flourish and kill my friends.

And no one has the right to demand the why and wherefore of it!

From untold ages, every lover of God has had to bear unnumbered burdens, face remorseless opposition and be tormented by humiliations and frustration, by bodily sickness and mental despair, until the final Union with the Divine Beloved.

I, myself, and also all who are to be with me in the Fiery Life must therefore be prepared to stand firm in the face of hardships, difficulties and every conceivable kind of attack, our only weapons being an unshakable faith in God and complete resignation to His Will.

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