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On October 23rd at 3:00 P.M., before a gathering of 500 persons, I have opened a spiritual center in your name [in Indore]. I have placed there your three large-sized photographs. I have lighted a flame which I want to remain lit forever. I also wish to open a new center at Kalyan. The completion of the work at Kalyan will be done by God's will.

The saint expressed his deep feelings toward Baba and wished that Baba's name and work gather momentum day by day. He also expressed his desire to have Baba's darshan, to which Baba stated, "After April." Baba directed Slamson (who was from Indore) to tell Vishandas Maharaj to continue the work he was doing for him.

He then quoted this Persian couplet:

Do what you like with God the Absolute,
But be very careful with walis and masts!

Baba explained: "Walis [saints], who borrow power from vidnyan-bhumi [seventh plane], do not hesitate to use it, sometimes wiping off the best sanskaras of those who play mischief with them. Walis are independent. They are not bound to do either good or evil. Thus their contact may give one a great spiritual push, or it may retard one's spiritual progress.

"The Sadguru is like an ocean. He does not give anything, but when he gives, he gives the Ocean and you become Realized."

Baba quoted the instance of Ramakrishna Paramhansa of Calcutta and his disciple Swami Vivekananda. Eruch narrated some incidents from Vivekananda's life which showed how he tested his guru in many ways. Baba concluded, "Had Vivekananda come in contact with a wali [saint] instead of a Sadguru like Ramakrishna, he would have been doomed for life!"

In the afternoon at 1:30 the Arangaon bhajan group sang before Baba. At 2:55 P.M. a qawaali program began by Habib Nizami Qawaal of Ahmednagar. His performance was so touching that Padri, Bal Natu, Minoo Kharas, Meherjee and others started weeping. Aloba became so overwrought with emotion, he banged his head against the wall and had to be physically restrained.

Baba commented: "Tears that stream down the cheeks without your being aware of them are very difficult to control. But if restrained, they give more happiness. You will find greater joy in the inner companionship with your Beloved.

"This Path is closely connected with feelings. Some who possess a pure and sensitive heart feel that they should go on shedding tears for years and years in memory of their Beloved [God]. In some cases, the individual becomes unconscious of his outer surroundings. Some stand at a place for years; some stand raising one hand upward [the state of mukam-e-hairat, enchantment of the planes]. Although such types of experiences are beyond control, yet they are temporary. Only those who experience this behoshi [unconsciousness] consciously are safe.

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