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31271952 TRIP TO THE WEST1952

Don't worry. My love will give you that strength and conviction which makes you feel that you belong to God. Seek Truth with all your heart, and Baba will help — I am in this world to help people to love God, to find Him and to see Him.

Do your work selflessly, and you will be doing it for God. I will help you with my love, that you can do this perfectly.

In reply to concern about his injured leg, Baba spelled on the alphabet board:

The accident is of little importance. The only important thing is to see God everywhere, and in everyone, and to become one with Him. The goal of life is to know God the Infinite One in everyday life, and all this existence is to gain that goal.

During this period, Baba was in his Full Free Life, where life was dominated by freedom over bindings; so in London he went to the movies on the evenings of 3 and 4 August, and participated in other recreation and entertainments.

From London, Baba sent Kitty Davy back to Myrtle Beach to help Elizabeth look after Norina and the Center. Elizabeth herself was still convalescing from the car accident. One day in Youpon Dunes, while in his recovery period, Baba had asked Kitty and Rano, "Would you be willing to stay behind in Myrtle Beach and not return with us to India, but help Elizabeth?"

"Why yes, of course, Baba," Kitty had said without hesitation. Baba indicated it would be for "perhaps a year ... until I return." He asked Elizabeth which she would prefer and she had said Kitty. Thus, after staying for 15 and a half years with her Beloved, Kitty parted company, following his orders. She was to remain in Myrtle Beach for the rest of her life.

On Wednesday, 6 August 1952, Charmian drove Baba and Mehera to the airport. Don, Sarosh and Adi Sr. went in another car. Rano, Delia, Goher, Meheru and Mani followed in a taxi. From London, the group flew to Zurich at 11:30 A.M. on Swissair 111. Delia and Charmian accompanied them. Irene Billo was waiting at the airport to receive them when they landed two and a half hours later. She had also hired another car and a driver for Baba's visit. They drove to Locarno, where they stayed at Hedi Mertens' home, Ronco dei Fiori, in the suburb of Solduno. The owner of the adjoining house was away, and this is where Baba stayed. Irene and Hedi had both stayed with Baba in the Meherabad ashram, and were overjoyed to be his hostesses in Switzerland.

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