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31021952 TRIP TO THE WEST1952

The following day, Friday, 20 June 1952, Baba was driven in an ambulance to Duke University Medical Center for an examination. Baba and Mehera, who was also to be examined, traveled together from Youpon Dunes to Durham in the ambulance with Goher, Don and Meherjee. Sarosh, Nilu, Meheru and Mani followed behind them in another car.

At Duke Hospital, Baba's leg cast was replaced, but the new one caused terrible itching. Baba complained to Don to tell the doctor to remove it. This was done, and another cast put on. The doctor, Lenox D. Baker, said it was against hospital policy to allow anyone to spend the night with Baba in the hospital; but after Sarosh's repeated entreaties, he made an exception. The others stayed in a motel nearby called the Dutch Inn.

After Mehera and Baba were thoroughly examined and X-rays taken, they returned to Youpon Dunes on the 24th. More X-rays of Baba were taken at the Conway Hospital a week later, on 8 July, which showed his leg fracture had healed. Nevertheless, Ivy was instructed to make multiple doctors appointments for Baba and Mehera with specialists in New York City. Don flew to London at the beginning of July to consult a renowned orthopedic surgeon there and to visit his family.

Meanwhile, on 2 July 1952, Baba paid a final visit to the Center. Mrs. Houston drove him in the morning with Mehera and Mani. Goher, Meheru, Sarosh, Meherjee, Adi Sr. and Gustadji followed in another car. They went to the Guest House, where all the gifts presented to Baba by his followers were packed and taken to Youpon Dunes.

Adi Sr. read out the proposed Sufi Charter to Baba during this period. Baba dictated a few corrections and points to be sent to Ivy to incorporate in the charter. Charmian, who had been called by Baba, arrived in Myrtle Beach on the 8th and stayed at Youpon Dunes.

Malcolm Schloss was also called to Myrtle Beach. He had an interview on 11 July, during which he showed Baba the collection of poems he had assembled, according to Baba's instructions. Baba complimented him, comparing the poems to Hafiz's poetry and asked him to publish them, which he did under the title Ways to Attain the Supreme Reality.

Meher Baba's Complicated Free Life came to an end on Thursday, 10 July 1952, the anniversary of Baba's keeping silence. Baba himself composed the following lines that day:

Bruised and battered, but not beaten
Baba greets his July 10th.
Freedom dominating binding,
Weakness overcome by strength.

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