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31001952 TRIP TO THE WEST1952

"Baba's ways are beyond our understanding," said Age. "From his Infinite Knowledge he worked for everyone and employed methods according to each one's needs. How fortunate was Dr. Burleson to have been chosen to treat the God-Man and his close circle."

Recovering in Myrtle Beach, Baba was kept in an air-conditioned room at Youpon Dunes. The women stayed in the house with him, the men at the Center. Nilu attended Baba during the night and the others during the day. Adi gave him regular sponge baths with Meherjee's help. Meherjee would somehow contrive to make Baba eat. Kitty cooked for Baba, Elizabeth's cook Bessie, with Ruano's help, prepared meals for the women, and the men dined out.

At Meherabad, Kitty used to help Naja in the kitchen, so she knew a few Parsi dishes. Once, while instructing Bessie, she told her to prepare fried prawns (shrimp) for lunch. But when the women sat down to eat, they could hardly chew the preparation. Kitty asked Bessie what she had made, and she replied, "Well you told me to make fried prunes, Miss Davy!" Baba enjoyed the humor of the situation immensely.

Delia and Margaret stayed on in Myrtle Beach and were a great help. Baba was suffering from the aftereffects of the accident, but visitors would come to see him anyway, and many people left astonished at his happy, smiling countenance. Even though suffering, Baba would attend to their problems and solve their difficulties.

On Friday, 13 June 1952, Baba dictated the following message for his lovers around the world:

The personal disaster, for some years foretold by me, at last happened while crossing the American continent — causing me through facial injuries, a broken leg and broken arm, much mental and physical suffering. It was necessary that it should happen in America. God willed it so.

It brings to fruition the first part of the circular which said that until July 10, in the Complicated Free Life, weakness would dominate strength and bindings would dominate freedom; but from July 10, in my Full Free Life, strength would dominate weakness and freedom would dominate bindings; and then from November 15, in my Fiery Free Life, both strength and weakness, freedom and bindings would be consumed in the fire of divine love.

Baba had been discussing going to New York for treatment, but instead, on the 13th Don was sent to Baltimore to see about having Baba treated at a hospital there.

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