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30891952 TRIP TO THE WEST1952

On one occasion, Baba informed Elizabeth that the Center was to be used for any of the following purposes: as a spiritual academy; a house for advanced souls; an abode of saints; an asylum for the mentally troubled; as a solitary place for meditation; or as a resting place for the afflicted. Over the years, under Elizabeth's careful stewardship, the Center became a retreat for those who loved Baba and knew of him.

"Meher Center is saturated with tears," Age concluded, "tears resulting from a shaking-up of the heart by one glance from the God-Man. Hidden there are Baba's joy, his profundity, his wile, humor, beauty and the song of his alphabet board. These divine expressions will remain there for all those thirsting for the wine of love. Those who visit the Myrtle Beach Center will not leave disappointed."

On Monday, 19 May 1952, as planned, Baba sent Don, Nilu, Meherjee, Gustadji and Adi to drive across America in Elizabeth's Plymouth station wagon to Meher Mount in California, to see that proper arrangements were made there before he and the women mandali arrived. Adi Sr. did not want to go; he wished to drive one of the cars in Baba's group. Sarosh wanted to go with the men, but Baba insisted that Sarosh accompany the women's group. Even Don suggested that it might be better if Adi drove the women, but Baba did not change his mind. 

The day after the men left, Baba sent them this message through Don:

Avoid all temptations, and most of all lust;
Be honest and fair and noble and just.
Do not talk faltu, but of Baba, talk you must, 
For Center night duty find a boy, not one dry as dust.
And do not "boil the flour" taking too much crust.
I do not doubt, but warn you in loving faith and trust."

Dear Don,

Read this to the others. I want you all to feel assured that it is not doubt which made me write this, but just that I was in the mood to send you this verse, and it is also to avoid unnecessary complications unconsciously made.

— Baba

After staying at Meher Center for a month, Baba and the women left in two cars at 2:30 P.M. on Tuesday, 20 May 1952. Baba's itinerary was to spend nine days driving across America, and reach Meher Mount in Ojai, California, on the 29th. He was to meet Gabriel Pascal there on the 30th, Malcolm Schloss on 1 June, and go to Hollywood on the 2nd and 4th. (Pascal was putting two of his homes in Hollywood at Baba's disposal, so that Baba could meet people at his house.) The group would then leave Meher Mount for San Francisco on the 6th, stay in San Francisco for three days (in a hotel arranged by Don Stevens), and start on their return journey to Myrtle Beach on 10 June.

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