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30821952 TRIP TO THE WEST1952

Love me in your heart, and make your husband happy, and God will see how you love Him.

Baba concluded, "Remember what I have told you now, and do it."

When Toni saw Baba for a third time on 16 May, at 4:35 P.M., she told him, "I think, as you well know, you will do extraordinary work in the United States."

Baba replied, "America now leads the material side of the universe and has such infinite possibilities that it can lead the world spiritually, if awakened."

Toni said, "Under the surface and unknown, there is great longing for spirituality."

Baba responded, "And what is needed for this awakening is love for whatever God one likes. In the form of Jesus crucified, or another. God will do it. He can do it. And now the time is near, very near, when this spiritual upliftment has to take place. Yes, absolutely. It has to be and will be."

"So that the terrible catastrophe which is overhanging the world can be avoided?" Toni asked.

"It is reaching its climax," Baba replied. "Then, there will be a change."

"Will the climax be war, or can war be avoided?"

Baba answered, "I know about it all, but be sure of one thing: America is destined to lead the world spiritually."

"Those who love God will be the prey," Tony opined.

"Truth never fails, and lovers of God will soon triumph," Baba declared. "I am happy. I see that you are a genuine lover of God."

"In this country, unfortunately, the youth are not taught about spirituality," Toni said. "A youth does not even get ethical education!"

"Yes," Baba stated, "but be sure these very youths who now know not of God, but know only to eat, drink, be merry and do lustful actions, will soon get the shock of their lives and know that only loving God is real life!"

On Saturday, 17 May 1952, an open-house darshan program was held in the Barn from 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and again from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M.  Almost 700 people gathered, many from the small town of Myrtle Beach and others from distant places. Elizabeth was sitting on Baba's right. Baba had instructed that each visitor meet him, touch his hand and pass on. Adi Sr. was standing nearby reading the alphabet board, with the assistance of Nilu and Meherjee, while Sarosh and Don organized the visitors' arrival.

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