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30491952 TRIP TO THE WEST1952

The planned ten-day stay at Meher Mount was discussed in detail. Baba repeatedly told her, "Now do not go to any trouble."

"Trouble!" she said. "I've just been waiting all these years for you to come. Everything has been painted and scrubbed."

"No, no," Baba continued, "I can sleep under the trees or on the floor. Do not go to any trouble."

Agnes later recounted: "Baba's 'bigness' is in his little humble gestures. That is what impressed me more than anything else. Time after time after time, I would see that. It just wins you over completely. He is so big that he dares to be small, and comes down to our level."

Don and Adi were called in and Baba instructed them, "I want you to drive out ahead to California with Nilu, Gustadji and Meherjee to help Agnes prepare for my visit."

"But Baba, it is all ready," she said. "Everything has already been done."

Nevertheless, Baba had his own reasons and stated that the mandali were to drive straight there from Myrtle Beach, not stopping along the way, and await his arrival. He ordered Agnes to leave the following day and return to Meher Mount, which she did.

Another arrival at the Center was Darwin Shaw's 20-year-old son Lowell. Baba wished to have him serve as his night watchman, so he had Mani telephone the Shaws in Schenectady, New York, conveying Baba's wish. Lowell traveled all night from Schenectady to Myrtle Beach and also arrived on the 26th.

While shaving the next morning in Frank Eaton's caretaker cabin, Lowell was tapped on the shoulder by someone. He turned around and looked straight into Baba's eyes. That night he went to Baba's house to assume his duties. None of the mandali were there, as they were staying in cabins on the Center. Baba showed Lowell the buzzer, and motioned for him to go into the bedroom across the hall and lie down.

Lowell said, "But Baba, I am so tired from the journey, I will fall asleep. I won't hear the buzzer."

Baba insisted and Lowell left, but his prediction came true. Once he lay down, he fell fast asleep and throughout the whole night did not hear Baba clapping for him to come.

The next morning, Baba teased Lowell about falling asleep. He sent for Meherjee and Sarosh, and through them conveyed to Lowell, "Nightwatch duty is not suitable for you.

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