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This satisfaction is due to the feeling I have of having regained my Old Life Meher Baba state, yet retaining my New Life ordinary state. I have regained the Knowledge, Strength and Greatness that I had in the Old Life; and retained the ignorance, weaknesses and humility of the New Life. This union of the Old and New Life states has given birth to LIFE — Life that is eternally old and new.

Life for me now means:

First: Free and obligation-less life.

Second: Life of a Master in giving orders, and that of a Servant in all humility.

Third: The feeling of absolute conviction that we are all eternally One, Indivisible and Infinite in essence; and with it a feeling of separateness from the Real Omnipresent Self, through ignorance.

Fourth: Life of God in essence, and that of Man in actions.

Fifth: Life of strength born of inherent Knowledge of Oneness, and of weakness born of binding desires.

My efforts for Manonash have been positive, and the result of Manonash will be positive. But the actual and concrete manifestation of this result I leave entirely to the Divine Sanction. Where, how and when the result will be, I leave entirely to the Divine Decree. It may be at any moment, hour, month, year or age. It may be in any part of the world — either in the East or in the West, in the North or in the South — yet in effect it will embrace all four. It may be under any and all circumstances.

I feel that it will be a sudden coming, and a becoming, of the essence of all Love, Unity, Realization, Revelation and Illumination in its varying degrees, for me and for all those connected with me.

During my work of Manonash, the four companions who were with me, and also others who were near or away from me, have helped me to their utmost limit. All during my Manonash period, I have been absolutely helpless and full of weaknesses in my ordinary human state. It can truly be said that God in His manifestation, and that the saints, and the prayers of all those who love me, have accomplished for me the internal work of Manonash, while the four companions have seen to its external aspect.

I intend to go in the beginning of April of this year to the West for some months.

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