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But just then a bumblebee buzzes near your ear and distracts your attention! Then what happens? 

"Your attention is drawn away from the enemy and toward the bumblebee, and at that instant, the enemy gets the better of you and kills you. So, if you make any noise while I am working for Manonash, my attention is drawn away from the work, and this hinders the progress. So, try to keep silent as much as possible."

Baba gave each companion a name of God to whisper every day, some for one hour, some for fifteen minutes and so on.

Mehera's birthday was celebrated on Wednesday, 26 December 1951, but no outsiders were invited except for Don and Adi Sr.

That day, Baba remarked to Kaikobad, "I am seeing a very beautiful girl in my dreams; so pray to God that I may not dream of her!" Kaikobad invoked God's intervention, but the next day Baba again complained about the same dream.

Padri, rather exasperated, confronted Baba, saying, "God is omnipresent and omniscient, so why pray for his blessing?"

"God is omnipresent," Baba agreed, "but he plays with closed eyes! He is inattentive, so he needs to be awakened by prayer."

"Why do you need blessing, and why should you dream?" Padri questioned further.

"You are a complete idiot!" Baba said. "I am full of weaknesses. I am still in the state of a seeker, and so all things are possible."

On the 27th, at 1:15 P.M., Baba, wearing a chocolate brown coat, again retired to his cabin in seclusion. He stated, "Now the remaining 40 days' work in seclusion will be very important." Eruch, Pendu, Gustadji and Baidul were again with Baba in the enclosure, keeping watch in turns day and night, and attending to Baba's needs. His food and tea would come from the women's side. Goher would bring it and give it to Kaka, who in turn handed it to Eruch to take inside to Baba.

On the 26th, Pankhraj had brought a high mast named Sobha to Ahmednagar from Katni.  The following afternoon, Baba requested that the mast be brought to Meherazad by Babadas and Adi Sr. Sobha refused to be bathed, so he was sent back to Ahmednagar. But when he was again brought to Meherazad on the 28th, he allowed Baba to bathe him. Baba dressed him in new clothes and worked with him that day and the next. Sobha would refer to Baba as Badshah (Emperor). Babadas escorted the mast back to Katni on 29 December.

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