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None of the girls was approved, however. Baba told her, "Continue looking, but it will be settled as planned by me," though he did not reveal how.

That night, Baba had Gulmai and Rustom sleep inside his hut, while he and the other men slept outside. Before leaving, Gulmai was instructed to have sewn eight white cotton pajama pants for him using Adi's measurements, and to bring them with her when he next called her.

One day Rustom had an accident while driving his motorcycle. Afterward, in gratitude that no serious harm had been suffered, he walked the considerable distance from Ahmednagar to Sakori to meet Upasni Maharaj. True to Meher Baba's prediction, his father Kaikhushru had been made a Khansaheb. When Rustom related the news to Maharaj, he quipped, "Your father has become Khansaheb, but you took a tumble. One went up, the other came down. It's good that things happened that way." After this, Rustom often visited Sakori with his sister Piroja. Maharaj would affectionately call him Ram and his brother Adi, Laxman (Ram's younger brother).

Meanwhile, Adi (later known as Adi Sr.) became romantically involved with Naja Irani's daughter, Freiny. The young woman loved Adi and wished to marry him; but Gulmai soon found out about it and immediately informed Baba.

Soon after, Baba met Freiny, her mother, Adi and Gulmai at Sadashiv Patil's house. He told the young lady in a gentle manner: "Forget about Adi; he belongs to me. Even his mother has no claim on him. It will not be good for you to marry him. You would not be happy. But with my nazar, you will marry a rich man and be very happy."

Freiny wept but accepted the Master's decision.

Gulmai had explained to Naja Irani about Baba, and had urged the woman to talk openly with the Master about her problems. She was skeptical, though, and said, "I have one or two things to discuss with him. If he gives me a satisfactory reply, I will believe in him and even sweep his hut." Since Naja was a wealthy woman, her promise was even more significant because such persons never did such menial tasks.

One day, when Naja was dropping Gulmai at the hut, she approached Baba and said, "I wish to go to Iran and perform certain Zoroastrian rituals. I also want to get my daughter married there. If this is fulfilled, I will serve you and sweep your hut every day."

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