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1- 4 November 1945:

Baba worked with Ali Shah for three hours daily in the tiny middle hut. Eruch, Pendu and Kaka were assigned night guard duty. Gustadji kept watch below Baba's cave from seven in the morning to noon; Adi from noon to three in the afternoon; and Gustadji, again, from three o'clock onwards.

Correspondence and telegrams received for Baba in his absence were forwarded to him. On 3 November, a cable from Malcolm Schloss was received, stating that Garrett Fort had taken an overdose of sleeping pills and had died in Beverly Hills, California, on 26 October, at the age of 45. His suicide was a tragic end to his saga of leaving Nasik before the others. Garrett had suffered much mentally, after leaving India, because he had been unable to find work in the film studios and had become destitute.

On Sunday, 4 November 1945, Baba declared that his work with Ali Shah was finished. Highly pleased, he explained: "The work I wished to achieve by contacting 101 masts has been achieved by working with Bapji." At one o'clock that afternoon, Baba sent him back to Ahmednagar with Eruch. Ali Shah was carried down the entire way from the mountain in an enclosed palanquin (litter), carried by four men.

Monday, 5 November 1945:

Baba rose at 6:00 A.M., and according to his plan, after having a bath, began his seclusion. From 7:00 A.M. he sat alone in his hut on a square wooden seat, with a cushion, that had been brought for him. He continued his seclusion until late in the night, and during this period took neither food nor water. Adi Sr., Pendu and Gustadji kept strict watch all around the hut, not even allowing the birds to come near. Adi read quietly during his watch, which Baba permitted.

In the evening heaps of pebbles used by Baba in some way during the seclusion were delivered to the mandali, who were told to preserve them. (Baba did not explain what work he had done with the rocks or what they symbolized.)

Tuesday, 6 November 1945:

Baba rose at 6:00 A.M., but did not sit in seclusion. Rather, Baba washed the feet of 51 poor people who had been brought to him and gave them prasad. Jal Kerawalla had assigned the duty of assembling the poor to a servant named Damodar, who roamed about the local villages and brought the needy persons to the hill as instructed. Working inside one of the huts, Baba washed their feet and gave each five rupees, finishing the work by noon.

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