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When Baba had arrived at the maidan, he had been received by the great saint of Nagpur, Tukdoji Maharaj, who had led him to the dais amidst thunderous shouts of "Shri Sadguru Meher Baba ki jai!" Tukdoji began singing bhajans and looked intoxicated with Baba's love!

The darshan continued for two and a half hours, until midnight, and people were captivated by Baba's marvelous personality. They felt as if drowned in the Ocean of his Light! Steadily gazing at him, they became lost to the world.

Age described, "The moon felt shy and hid its face behind the skirts of night. But the whole maidan was lit with the Beloved's Song and 30,000 hearts heard the echoes of the sweet melody of that cooling, bliss-inspiring sonata.

"At midnight, Tukdoji Maharaj stopped the singing and requested Baba to bless the gathering. The Lord of the universe, in his full glory, stood up and raised his hands, his hair falling over his shoulders, his face aglow. There was complete peace and stillness all around. Baba's silence spoke its secrets to every heart, and every heart was stirred unforgettably.

"What beauty the Beloved possessed to attract all to him! The crowd forgot everything for a while, delighted by the brilliant animation of his features. Baba lowered his hands after blessing the congregation and from the depths of the quietude rose the repeated heart-wrenching cry of 'Shri Sadguru Meher Baba ki jai!' People began rushing toward the stage. Tukdoji Maharaj lifted Baba on his shoulders and carried him to the car. Baba departed; but the multitude's cheering continued."

Again on Sunday, 12 November 1944, a great crowd collected in front of Thakur's residence, calling for Baba. Baba came out and gave darshan for some time. Then, accepting the invitation of Khan Bahadur M. F. R. Malak, a wealthy Bohra (Muslim) businessman of Nagpur, Baba went to his sprawling bungalow where other notables of the city had gathered.

Remaining there for only a short time, Baba left at five o'clock to visit the Ramakrishna Ashram, where Swami Bhaskareshwar Ananda received him. Justice Puranik read Baba's message, God as the Only Reality, which was translated by Deshmukh into Marathi, and by Manek Mehta into Hindi. Part of it was:

God-realization is sometimes mistakenly thought to be a selfish purpose of the limited individual. There is no room for any selfishness or limited individuality in God-realization. On the contrary, God-realization is the final aim of the limited and narrow life of the separate ego. The life of the God-realized Master is a pure blessing to all humanity.

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