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Regarding building, the government permits one to spend $1,000 each year for farm buildings and we have built a two-room cabin with screened-in porch (which we call your cabin) and another one-room cabin with screened-in porch for a kitchen and dining room, this year. Those who came down with Norina and myself, namely Darwin Shaw, Frank and Kay Eaton and John Bass, sent down portable houses where they stayed near by. Anna Till came with us this last trip and cooked for all of us. She is a spiritually devoted soul and contributed her work. She longs to meet you.

As we require a place where many can stay, yet can only spend $1,000 next year, we looked all around and found a large barn 50 by 30 feet of good cypress wood, which is an attractive shape. One can buy a building already in existence and transport it, exclusive of the $1,000. Therefore, next January we will start making it over into living quarters, which we believe can be done within this restriction ...

Heartiest love,


Reaching Aurangabad, Baba called the other women there from Meherabad — Dowla, Irene, Kakubai, Katie, Khorshed, Kitty, Mansari, Margaret, Naja, Soltoon, Soonamasi, Walu and Kaikobad's family. Baba described to them his Kashmir visit and, after a few days, sent them back to Meherabad. Rano was sent back with the others, and Kitty stayed in her place. Walu too was allowed to stay.

Arnavaz and Nariman were also called to Aurangabad in October 1944. Arnavaz was still feeling depressed over her Uncle Chanji's death, since she was particularly close to him. She asked Baba, "Why did you have to take Chanji Kaka from us? We loved him so much."

Baba replied, "Why do you grieve for Chanji? You feel his loss, I know, but do you have any idea what a tremendous loss it has been for me?" Arnavaz realized the truth in Baba's words and accepted it as his wish. Baba consoled her, "He was not just my follower — he was my friend!"

On Monday, 23 October 1944, Ali Shah, the fifth-plane mast of Ahmednagar, was brought to Aurangabad. Baba worked with him for about five days and then sent him back. Don came to see Baba on the 26th, and stayed for three days.

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