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On one side of the property was a small hill with Khandoba's (Krishna's) temple on it. Behind the estate was Tembi Hill (which later became known as Manonash or Seclusion Hill, because of Baba's work there). A short distance down the road was the scenic Pimpalgaon Lake, adding to the beauty of this sacred place Baba had chosen for his residence. The area was quiet, peaceful and secluded.

When Baba first went to see the property, there was only one cottage measuring approximately 60 by 40 feet and divided into two rooms. In addition there was a motor shed, a stable, a kitchen and an outhouse. Everything was in disrepair, but Baba liked the location. During their stay in Aurangabad, a small house had been built and repairs made by the men mandali.

After moving to Pimpalgaon, Baba would call Rano from Meherabad to stay for a few weeks, and at other times, Kitty. But Baba would regularly drive to Meherabad to visit the other men and women mandali.

Baba was also constantly going out in search of masts with Adi Sr., who would come from Ahmednagar daily, as mentioned, and would drive him. Baba would occasionally visit Khushru Quarters to see Adi's mother Gulmai, and stop also at Akbar Press to see the Satha family.

Goher R. Irani, 28, had finished medical school and had come to Ahmednagar to stay with her family. Although she very much wanted to be with Baba, her mother Khorshed was disconsolate and wept at the thought of yet another daughter leaving her to join Meher Baba's ashram. Goher's sister, Katie, had been one of the resident women mandali since 1938, so their mother wished Goher to work as a doctor and live at home. Goher's father Rusi Pop, however, had no objection and wanted her to remain with Baba, if that was her true desire. Goher wrote to Baba that after her mother's demise, she would come and stay with him.

Baba sent for her through Adi Sr. and asked her, "Don't you want to be with me?"

Goher replied, "There is no other joy in my life than to be with you. I want to stay with you more than anything else! But Mother is crying and crying over the prospect."

"Tell her I will keep you here for some time and then send you back," Baba instructed.

So, during the period of his stay at Pimpalgaon in 1944, Baba would call Goher to discuss these matters.

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