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One day during 1921, Dr. Ghani came to Poona to see Baba, who inquired, "How is your dispensary doing?"

Ghani complained, "Despite my best efforts to obtain certain medicines from America, I have not received my order. This delay is a nuisance and I am wondering what to do about it."

"Write one more letter to the company in America," Baba suggested, "but bring that letter to me first. Let me write the address on the envelope and we'll see what happens."

Ghani complied, but remarked, "I have been trying to obtain these medicines for the past two years. The company does not even reply, so I doubt if one more letter will help."

Baba replied, "You will see. You'll receive the medicines on the day I set foot in Bombay, which I plan to do soon." Ghani wrote out the order. Baba then wrote the address on the envelope and Ghani mailed it that day.

After some days, Baba decided to visit Bombay. Ghani was in Poona at the time and traveled back to Bombay with him and his companions. Baba wryly said to the group, "Let's go see the great doctor's dispensary." When they arrived, Ghani opened the door and noticed a letter in the mailbox. It was an invoice from the American company about the dispatch of the medicines he wanted. Discovering Baba's words to be coming true, Ghani was again profoundly impressed with Meher Baba's omniscience.

Gulmai and her family were living in the Parsi dharamshala in Shani Gali (Lane), Ahmednagar, and during 1921, her husband Khansaheb had completed construction of a new house nearby (in the Nalegaon locality) that he named Sarosh Manzil. Gulmai desired that Upasni Maharaj come and inaugurate the house before they moved in, but her orthodox relatives were averse to the idea of Maharaj (a Hindu) opening the house. Hence, the ceremony was performed according to the Zoroastrian religion. A local Mohammedan saint named Gilori Shah was also invited to the inauguration and the poor were fed. All of their furniture was shifted there, but Gulmai was adamant that she would not stay in the new house until Upasni Maharaj himself came and performed the housewarming ceremony.

Several months passed. But when Gulmai went to Sakori and invited Upasni Maharaj, he instructed, "Make a seat for me and place my photograph on it. This will be tantamount to my coming in person." Gulmai was not satisfied and requested that Maharaj come himself.

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