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Keki Desai and his wife, Dhun, had been cabled in advance to meet them at the station and arrange for their dinner. Continuing on the same train, the party reached Lahore on the 6th. Chanji had already arranged two bungalows for the women, one for the men and one for guests. He made all the other arrangements for their stay with the help of a local Baba lover, Keki Desai's cousin named Homi T. Desai.

In Lahore, Baba divided the eighteen women into two different groups as follows: First group: Mehera, Mani, Margaret, Meheru, Rano, Kitty and Walu. Second group: Dowla, Irene, Katie, Kharmen Masi, Khorshed, Mansari, Naja, Pilamai, Silla, Soltoon, Soonamasi, and Meheru's brother Jangoo.

Baba stayed with Mehera's group in a small bungalow at 6 Amrit Kuti, Garden Town, seven miles from the city. He would visit the mandali daily. Masaji kept watch during the day, and Krishna at night. In the other women's bungalow not too far away from Garden Town, Kalemama was on watch during the day and Venkoba Rao at night. (At one point, Venkoba Rao went to visit his family in South India and then returned.)

For his own reasons, Baba never visited the women at the other bungalow, and they were not even to look toward Baba's bungalow. The women from Mehera's group would visit them twice a week, and they would come to Baba's bungalow on Sundays, when he was not present; but any talk of Baba and his work was forbidden. If any message were to be sent to the other household, it would be sent with Margaret. Some days later, Naja was transferred to Mehera's bungalow, and Khorshed Irani of Lahore was included in the other household. Khorshed was a good swimmer, and she, along with Margaret, gave the women swimming lessons in a local pool.

It is possible that this division of the women mandali into two groups had something to do with the eventual partition of India and Pakistan. Baba was often hinting that such a partition would take place. "India will be cut up into two parts, and rivers of blood will flow!" he once stated.

Among the men mandali in Lahore were Anna 104, Baidul, Chanji, Ghani, Gustadji, Kaka, Kalemama, Krishna, Masaji, Nilu and Vishnu. They were staying at a house in 294 Garden Town. Jal Kerawalla, Babadas, Adi Sr., Gulmai and Deshmukh were occasional visitors and stayed in a small cottage on the property, and Don came once in July.

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