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Baba insisted that she should eat. The tussle reached Maharaj's ears and he ordered Gulmai to eat. The incident served to demonstrate to Gulmai that it was Maharaj's wish that she defer to Meher Baba's wishes in all matters. After lunch, Baba took Kaikhushru aside and began giving him spiritual explanations and telling stories about Maharaj. In the evening Kaikhushru and Gulmai returned to Ahmednagar.

Two Irani sisters who also came into Baba's close orbit during 1921 were Freiny Nowroj Driver, 47, (known as Freiny Masi), and Daulat Jehangir Irani, 45, (known as Daulatmai). Freiny Masi lived near Babajan and could see the ancient woman on the street from her apartment window. She was attracted to Babajan and became a daily visitor to her. It was in Babajan's presence that she first met Baba and was drawn to him also. Freiny Masi told her sister about both Babajan and Meher Baba, and took Daulatmai to see Babajan one day.

On another occasion, Freiny Masi took Daulatmai to meet Meher Baba at Sadashiv's house in Kasba Peth. A program of devotional songs was being held, and after it was over Freiny Masi introduced her sister to Baba. Upon meeting Daulatmai, Baba inquired, "Is there something you wish to ask?"

Daulatmai could not think of anything. Later Baba repeated, "Is there anything you wish to ask me?"

Finally she told him, "My daughter Piroja has been feeling ill and suffers from a loss of appetite. What should I do for her?"

Baba replied, "Take her to Udwada where the fire of Zoroaster is kept burning in the temple, and afterward she will become all right."

After a few minutes, Baba again inquired, "Is there anything else you wish to ask?"

Daulatmai remembered a woman she knew who was still unmarried, though the woman was then almost 40 years old. She told Baba about her, and he answered, "Take her to Udwada also."

Having faith in him, Daulatmai followed Baba's instructions and took her daughter and the woman to Udwada. True to his words, her daughter recovered; but even more surprising, when they returned to Poona, the spinster was approached by a man who offered to marry her and she accepted.

From the first meeting, both sisters, Freiny Masi and Daulatmai, had tremendous love and faith in Meher Baba, and their connection was extremely significant. Daulatmai, on Meher Baba's order, later maintained silence for many years, and her younger daughter, Mehera, became his chief woman disciple.

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