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Thus, after a horrendous eight-hour journey, they found themselves back in Poona. Their Bombay excursion was canceled and they went their separate ways. The railroad offered passengers the option of continuing on to Bombay via Dhond and Manmad, but Baba was no longer in the mood to travel. Baily and Ghani later conversed about the incident and were convinced that Baba had purposely planned the whole affair to demonstrate to them his spiritual power. Their faith in his omniscience became a strong conviction from that day onward.

Another passenger on the train that day — who did go on to Bombay — was Abdul Karim Abdulla, later known as Ramjoo because he was born in the month Ramzan (according to the Islamic calendar). Ramjoo, 21, was a married cloth merchant in Poona and had met Baba briefly at a gathering at Munshiji's house. He was immediately attracted to Baba's living flame and, as he remarked, "curious to know more about this Irani saint." Although their paths crossed several times in Poona, Ramjoo did not have another opportunity to be in Baba's close company for another six months.

In mid-October 1920, Upasni Maharaj and his disciples traveled to Madhav Baugh (a suburb of Bombay) for Dassera.  At Maharaj's invitation, the group was joined by Merwan Seth and a few of his Poona companions. During one program, the saint Gadge Maharaj came for Upasni's darshan and sang bhajans before him. Merwan Seth was seated beside Upasni.

Since 1919, Gulmai had been a regular visitor to Upasni Maharaj's headquarters at Sakori, where she had met and talked with Meher Baba many times. She had also gone to Bombay for the Dassera program. Gulmai and her husband Kaikhushru, 42, had two sons named Rustom, 20, and Adi, 16, and two daughters Piroja, 9, and Dolly, 7. Adi had seen Baba at Sakori a few times, when he had visited his mother there. Adi was studying at a Parsi boarding school at Panchgani. He initially went to Sakori only at his mother's insistence as her escort, but when he saw Maharaj, Adi spontaneously fell at his feet. 

Maharaj told them, "I have poured my entire spirituality into Merwan. You must stick with him through thick and thin. I am now an empty vessel."

Gulmai's contact with Meher Baba increased during 1920, as she came to Sakori more frequently. In December 1920, Baba asked her if she would like to accompany him to Nasik. She agreed and returned to Ahmednagar to prepare for the trip. After a few days, Baba showed up at her home in Ahmednagar and was welcomed to stay the night. That evening a singer was called to entertain him.

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