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Each morning, he would anxiously ask to see the newspaper, as if to confirm the material effect his spiritual working was bringing about. It is noteworthy that during and immediately after this seclusion, the German forces, which had been advancing on all fronts, began retreating under the Allied offensive now being launched.

Baba left his seclusion on Tuesday, 20 October 1942 to go on a nine-day mast tour. The men mandali staying with him moved back to their quarters, and Glen View was vacated.

Baba left that day for South India by train with Kaka and Baidul. He made a slight detour to meet Don at Jolarpet, for two hours at midnight. Baba spoke about the war and said, "The climax of the war will be in India because I [the Avatar] am here."

Don recorded in his diary: "Baba was in excellent mood and we strolled about the station in the moonlight together."

On 23 October, the day of the beginning of the Allied victory at El Alamein in North Africa, Baba again contacted the great Chatti Baba in Nagapattinam. Baba continued his journey to recontact certain masts in Miraj, Pandharpur and Hubli before returning to Lonavla on the 29th.

On his return, he took up residence in Kismat Lodge on Khandala Road. Ghani had been in Lonavla for the past four days, and Baba met him on his return. Ramjoo also returned on the 29th, and Baba discussed their upcoming family wedding between Ramjoo's son and Ghani's daughter. Both men left the following day.

Later that day, Nilu gave a humorous demonstration to Baba of his stomach exercises to keep down his waistline — urging Baba also to begin doing the same for his waist.

After four years of publication, Meher Baba Journal ceased functioning with the October 1942 edition. Since Elizabeth and Norina had left for America the previous year, the journal was being edited by Ghani, Ramjoo and Adi Sr., first in Bangalore and from May 1942, in Ahmednagar. At first, it was suspended only temporarily, due to paper restrictions on account of war, and the irregular and uncertain dispatch of mail to foreign countries; but publication was never resumed.

Because of Baba's seclusion, he had not been seeing the women mandali. But on his return from his contact with Chatti Baba in Nagapattinam, he began calling Mehera and Mani to him at his residence.

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