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Lord Meher

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Mentioning Winston Churchill, Baba commented:

Although not a desirable politician like Lloyd George, [Churchill] is the [right] man to hold the position and grave responsibility at the moment. But for him, England would have already surrendered [to Germany]. The boldness, the spirit of opposition and fight Churchill awakened, and the courage he inspired in his nation, are truly remarkable achievements.

Stalin is very cunning with his big mustache. He has proved a perfect actor in this great world drama, playing his part very well, giving a most astounding stand to Hitler and the attacks of the German army on their 2,000-mile front. Russia holds the key position in the final settlement, and America will be the deciding factor.

But poor Mussolini — his plight is pitiable. Literally wiped out! He is now playing second fiddle to Hitler.

World chaos will be so complete that all will be topsy-turvy, and none will understand [what to do], much less find a solution. People of the North will go to the South, and those in the West will go to the East, drifting, all mixed up. No place on earth, or the sea, will be safe or free from the effects of war, directly or indirectly. All will be involved, affected and suffer.

Baba further stated:

After all the current chaos in the world, there will be a complete change. A new world order will arise in which all were equal. It won't be communism, socialism or fascism, which are all formed on a material basis. My plan will be on a spiritual basis, in which there will be no poor and no rich, but all given equal status communally. Great nations that have enjoyed a predominance of power for so long will now have a fall and will [be on par] with others.

In the afternoon Baba went with all the women in three buses to Ahmednagar to see two movies. Since Baba had been fasting, he felt hot and uneasy and left after seeing only one film.

Kaka had been in Bombay and arrived in Meherabad the same day, bringing Goher and her friend from medical school. Raosaheb and his wife arrived, also, and saw Baba in the morning and afternoon before departing.

On 19 December, Baba, accompanied by Kaka, Eruch, Baidul and Savak, left for Pandharpur, Miraj and Sangli to contact masts. The only significant account was of Bapu Mahar in Pandharpur, who was a naked mast, a Harijan by birth, who lived in the cremation grounds of this sacred city.

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