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Throughout this period, Baba and both the men and women mandali were adhering to their two-meal-a-day fast. On 12 December 1940, Baba explained another point to the women about meditation:

Those of you who are unable to meditate should repeat my name without being bothered by thoughts. Thoughts are like mosquitoes, and my name is the mosquito net. When you are within the mosquito net, the mosquitoes may buzz around you, but they cannot bite you. Thus, by repeating my name, like the mosquito net, it will save you from the stings of the mosquito-thoughts that try to distract you, and you will be unmoved.

On the 13th, after working with Chatti Baba and the new mast in Ceylon Lodge, Baba came to the women smiling and remarked, "My work was most satisfactory today. I am very, very happy." To celebrate, Baba distributed toddy, bhujia and chiwada. Baba's face was glowing like a full moon and his eyes radiated light. The women were awestruck and, affected by the strong, fermented toddy, began chanting the prayer, "Hari, Paramatma, Allah, Ahuramazda, God, Yezdan, Hu!"

Margaret began dancing for Baba. They were like mastanis while gazing at the Beloved's beauty, and only Mani, Rano and Norina managed to maintain their sense of decorum. Baba then went to the men and handed out the treats to them. 

Calicut was too hot, so on Monday, 16 December 1940, Baba decided to proceed to Jaipur, and he sent Chanji ahead to find suitable bungalows. It was decided that all should travel to Jaipur by train, and that Don and Nilu should bring the empty Blue Bus with the baggage.

Baba had intended to allow Mehera's nieces Meheru and Naggu to join him in Ceylon, along with the Kotwal sisters Hilla and Najoo, whose mother and younger brother Adi were already with Baba. However, the weather in Ceylon had been so inclement their visit was canceled. Baba now called Meheru and Naggu to Calicut. They were brought by Masaji about the 17th. After escorting the girls, Masaji immediately returned to Meherabad.

Kaka was sent back to Bombay at this time, and Eruch joined Baba from Bangalore. Eruch brought his family and Gulamasi with him. They, too, were to have joined Baba in Ceylon, and had been vaccinated before Baba changed the plan . Babadas came to Calicut three times, but Baba did not see him, for he was still in seclusion and did not wish his work to be disturbed.

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