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When Kaikhushru Masa, Soonamasi, and Gulnar were present before Upasni Maharaj, they spoke to him about Gulnar's rash, and then about Gulmai's devotional nature and her family problems. Gulnar explained to the Sadguru, "My sister-in-law is very depressed and alienated; she faces oppressive conditions in her husband's joint-family household. Could you draw her to you like you have drawn us?"

Upasni replied, "Do not be so worried about her. I will do the same for her as I have done for you. You and she, as well as the whole family, will come to me. Have faith and come to Sakori as frequently as you can. Your skin disease — and her depression — will disappear."

Upasni then told them that they were welcome to stay the night in Sakori, but Gulnar wanted to return to Ahmednagar. However, on their way back they were stranded near a river which had flooded. Thus, instead of being in the ashram of a God-conscious Master, they had to spend the night in a donkey stable! When Gulnar returned, she was happy that she had met the impressive Sadguru, and she told Gulmai about the trip, and urged her to make it a point to meet Upasni Maharaj soon.

Gustadji had been at Sakori on this occasion and had accompanied the group back to Ahmednagar on his way to Poona. He told them about the arti to Upasni Maharaj which Merwan Seth had composed, and Gulnar, wanting to recite it, requested that Gustadji write it down. However, he did not remember the entire arti and told her to get it from Merwan Seth. (Later, when Gulmai's husband Kaikhushru went to Poona, he met Merwan Seth who wrote out the arti for Gulmai.)

Soonamasi longed to take her sister to Sakori before she and her husband left for Bombay. For two weeks she pleaded with her sister to visit the Sadguru, but Gulmai refused. Finally, Gulmai agreed and was accompanied by Kaikhushru Masa, and Mr. and Mrs. Bekhoda Faredoon Irani, acquaintances from Poona. They reached Sakori around noon and saw Upasni Maharaj's humble thatched hut situated among thorny, scraggly bushes with a small temple nearby. A few paces away was a pipal tree, under which two young Persian men were sitting. Gulmai approached them and Kaikhushru Masa and Bekhoda started a conversation. Bekhoda's wife whispered to Gulmai, "Do you know who that is?" Gulmai shook her head, no.

"Do you know Sheriar Moondegar of Poona?" Bekhoda's wife asked.

Gulmai said, "Yes, Sheriar is related to my father and came to my wedding [in December 1896]."

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