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"Who will be the second?" he asked rhetorically.

Don, Sarosh, Chanji and Baidul (who had recently returned from Bangalore) went by car that afternoon to Poona to attend Buasaheb's funeral. Don was then sent to Bangalore to deliver the news and repeat Baba's message that there was still one more — man or woman — to die. 

According to Baba's wish, the following circular was issued to his followers:

In memory of the deep spiritual connection of Buasaheb with Baba, Baba and the mandali will fast the whole day on Wednesday the 8th. They will take only tea in the morning and break the fast after sunset. Water may be taken.

Baba will feed 100 poor on that day with his own hands.

Buasaheb (Behramji) had been in Meher Baba's contact since 1914, when he was tutored by Merwanji in Persian, and he later became his business partner in a Poona toddyshop. He had stayed with Baba throughout the Manzil-e-Meem and early Meherabad years. Baba made these remarks about him to the mandali:

As one of my nearest and dearest disciples, [Buasaheb] unconsciously when alive was One with me, and now that he has left the body, he consciously enjoys that blessed union with me!

With Buasaheb's death, the practice of issuing circulars to Meher Baba's disciples and devotees in India and abroad began. Before 1940, Baba's orders and various messages were being conveyed to his lovers through correspondence or typed copies. But after Buasaheb's death, they were conveyed through printed circulars. 

Baba and the group left Happy Valley for Meherabad on 3 May 1940. They stopped in Ahmednagar first and saw the movie The Wizard of Oz at the Sarosh Cinema. Rustom Kaka, who was the projectionist there, had the chance to receive Baba's darshan after a long time. Sarosh had arranged a special matinee exclusively for Baba and the women so that they could watch the film in private.

Baba arrived at Meherabad at noon. Meherabad, once again, reflected its glorious atmosphere after ten months of Baba's absence. By now, all the masts from Bangalore, the zoo and the mandali (Baidul, Eruch, Gustadji, Homi, Jangle, Kalemama, Pappa Jessawala, Pendu, Sailor and Vishnu) had returned to Meherabad. The men had traveled from Bangalore by train with 25 mad and masts, a gazelle, a peacock, a lamb, a white rabbit, some geese, five dogs, three monkeys and pet birds.

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